Our mission is to obsolete cigarettes.

NJOY is 100% committed to the design and delivery of the world's best non-tobacco electronic smoking (or Vaping) experience available, and we exist to create a truly superior alternative to the pleasures and satisfaction derived from traditional combustible tobacco.

We are passionate about understanding and satisfying our customers' needs. We are intensely focused on, fascinated by and committed to the advancement of technology to make our products the absolute best available. We are truly dedicated to the design and refinement of the experience of our products to help create the most satisfaction and pleasure for our customers. We are respectful of our adult customers' desire for a truly wonderful and exceptional sensory experience derived from our products. We are 100% committed to setting the highest standards for corporate responsibility related to the prevention of use of our products by people under the legal age and the advancement of scientific evidence related to the potential benefits associated with the use of our products as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. If you're interested in working for NJOY, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to [email protected]

Open Positions

eCommerce Operations Analyst


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