NJOY Switch Kits

NJOY Switch Kits

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If you're reading this, you're ready to make the switch and I'm ready to help you.  NJOY's Switch Kit allows you to experience e-cigs and vaping in a low-cost and satisfying way.  It's designed to help you discover your own path to switching, and importantly, at your own pace.  Included is an entire range of products that I'm confident will suit your specific taste and needs. So find the e-cig or pre-filled tank flavors and strengths that work for you. The kit also comes with a deck of Switching Cards, tips for making your journey more effective and satisfying. They contain the combined wisdom of NJOY's expert team of scientists and behavioral psychologists from around the world. Welcome to the start of your journey. - Doug


Here's what comes in the box:

Daily Rich Tobacco or Cool Menthol (3)
Daily Smooth Blend Rich Tobacco or Cool Menthol (3)
Daily Extra Rich Tobacco or Cool Menthol (3)
Daily Blue + Black Berry (1)
Daily Tropical Twist (1)
Daily Watermelon (1)
Kings 5 Pack Traditional Bold (1)
Pre-Filled Tank Battery (1)
Pre-Filled Tank Classic Tobacco or Menthol 15mg (2)
Pre-Filled Tank Blue + Black Berry 15 mg (1)
Pre-Filled Tank Tropical Twist 15mg (1)
Pre-Filled Tank Apple Melon 15mg (1)

* Quantity limited to 3
$49.99 $39.99
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