NJOY Daily Cool Menthol

NJOY Daily Cool Menthol


Nothing comes closer to the taste and sensation of a menthol cigarette than an NJOY Daily Cool Menthol. This revolutionary disposable e-cigarette delivers the invigorating satisfaction in an e-cig that feels like the real deal in your hands and mouth. 

"Rich, flavorful, and remarkably satisfying, this is undeniably one of the very best disposable menthol e-cigs on the market today. The NJOY Cool Menthol Daily Disposable delivers a true tobacco flavor with the perfect amount of menthol, together providing for a genuine experience you will absolutely love." - Electronic Tobacconist 

Available in 3 Different Nicotine Strengths / Formulations:

  • Original (4.5% Nicotine by Weight): Style and substance with the cool, menthol taste that you’re familiar with. Delivering a stronger throat hit.
  • Smooth Blend (4.5% Nicotine by Weight): With this Daily, you will experience the most authentic “smooth smoking” experience that we know of for a menthol product. Similar to our Daily Cool Menthol, we formulated the Smooth Cool Menthol with 1,3 Propanediol – an alternative to Propylene Glycol. Some users may find this new formulation to have a smoother taste with less of a throat hit.
  • Extra (6.0% Nicotine by Weight): This combines the perfect taste of Cool Menthol with a higher nicotine strength for people looking for more.


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Meet Njoy Daily
Over 90 percent as satisfying as a cigarette
Innovative Design
QuickVapor technology delivers vapor faster
Life Span
Extended battery life to approximately 300 puffs.
Feel The Difference
Daily creates a strong throat hit for authentic feel.
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