Central to our mission, NJOY stands as a leader in the fight to protect the rights of adult vapers. We believe real positive change in the war on smoking-related disease requires vapor products to remain accessible, affordable, and appealing to adult smokers and vapers in order to be a desirable alternative to cigarettes.

With combustible tobacco cigarettes available at large across the United States, adults must also have convenient access to the vapor products that best suit their personal needs. In order to be seen as a desirable alternative to cigarettes, adult vapers must also have access to a wide variety of vape flavors, catering to each individuals flavor preferences. At NJOY, we maintain that this is an important piece of providing a truly appealing alternative that our customers CHOOSE over cigarettes each and every day.

At NJOY, we actively work to educate policymakers on the local, state and federal levels about how crucial it is that adult vapers and smokers have greater access to these vapor products. It is important that they have the opportunity to find an alternative way to satisfy their nicotine preferences.

Since suing the FDA in 2009 in order to protect the industry and ensure that vapor products could remain available in the United States, NJOY has remained heavily committed financially to this fight. NJOY has and will continue to dedicate our human and financial capital toward these efforts. When you purchase an NJOY product or choose to put NJOY products on your retail shelves, you can know that a portion of every dollar we make from selling our vapor products is being used to ensure that these products remain affordable, accessible and attractive to adult smokers and vapers.


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